christmas shop

With coronavirus restrictions, we are unfortunately unable to offer our in-person Christmas Shop at school, where students were able to purchase gently used gifts for their siblings and parents for a nominal donation. Still, with your help, we would like to keep this beloved tradition alive!

You can be a part of our 2020 edition of the Christmas shop either as a giver or as a receiver (or both!). Below, you see the wish list that lists dragons still waiting to receive Christmas cheer. As you scroll down further, you see two google forms that allow you to either add your name to the list, or take someone's name off the list by signing up as their personal Santa.

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Participation instructions: To add your name to the list, please fill out the form on the left. Our goal is to get one gift to each interested dragon or sibling. So please fill out the receiver form just once per family, and add the classroom information for the siblings under "sibling information".

*Update:* We removed the "interests" part of the information, because it made it that much harder to find appropriate gifts that fit the category. We hope that by keeping it a bit more vague, more people will find appropriate gifts to donate.

Gifting Instructions: Keeping with tradition, please wrap your gifts to keep it a surprise until Christmas. In the spirit of sustainability, we very much encourage the gifting of gently used toys, but please exercise some quality control, so you only offer gifts that are clean, enjoyable, and in working condition.

Donations accepted: If you are receiving gifts and want to chip in with a donation for the PTO, we very much appreciate it! – This used to be one of our best fundraisers of the year, and suggested donations were $1 per child. Donations can now be made via paypal (link), and help us organize fun events, run the food pantry, support learning initiatives and show the teachers our appreciation. However, please note that donations are not a condition for participation, and we do not want any child to miss out because of it.

Any questions? – Don't hesitate to ask! You can reach us here.