As a PTO, we invest all donations and event proceeds into school resources, student support (e.g. food pantry), staff appreciation (e.g. teacher record day lunch) or community building initiatives (e.g. `Muffins for Moms', `Donuts for Dads' or `Breakfast with Bestie'). Your participation in restaurant give-back nights, PJ & popcorn contributions, and monetary donations are greatly appreciated and help fund events year-round.

Occasionally, we collect funds towards specific, one-time investments. So if you would like to give towards something more concrete, this is your chance to do so! – As collections come in, we will update the charts below to reflect where we stand.

Please note: You can also donate in cash or with a check, made payable to "Marquette PTO" and dropped off at the front desk. If you would like it to count towards a specific goal, just let us know in the check memo.

Past donation Campaigns

January 2023 : Multi slab Clay Cutter

Mrs Gillis (Art) writes: "Multi slab clay cutter allows to cut a clay block in slabs of even thickness in seconds. Unlike single slab cutters, this cutter also allows to precut clay for coil rolling. Having this cutter will help me to expand the variety of clay projects in all grade levels because it will cut preparation time tremendously. And having pre-cut slabs will reduce students’ level of frustration when trying to roll their own slabs, as it is quite tricky."

$55 of donations went towards 1 multi slab clay cutter.

April 2022 : 3 Electric Pencil Sharpeners for Art

Ms Gillis writes: "Our art classroom is in need of heavy duty electric sharpeners for sharpening colored pencils. Electric sharpeners are more durable, sharpen faster and better compared to the manual hand sharpeners. As a result electric sharpeners produce less pencil waste because pencils don't break as much and pencils will last longer.

Using electric sharpeners will promote students’ independence, reduce frustration, and set students up for success. Students will also be more likely to use a wider variety of colors and have more successful and appealing work as they will not avoid broken pencils as much."

$105 of donations went towards 3 heavy-duty pencil sharpeners.

March 2022 : Computer Mice for Early Childhood Classrooms

Ms V writes: "The kindergarten students have a very difficult time with the track pads on the chrome books. NWEA test scores have been affected by the children’s inability to use these trackpads. In order to facilitate the usage of technology we, as the Early Childhood team, would like to purchase a classroom set of mice for each of our 7 classrooms. We believe that having a child-friendly mouse for each child to use will decrease their frustration with the trackpad, as well as increase their performance on NWEA and any other computer based assignments."

$674 of donations went towards the overall cost of $1,363.30 = 70 computer mice x $15.19 each.

February 2022 : School gardens

Ms Searcy writes: "Winter sowing uses empty milk/water jugs as tiny greenhouses (we will send out a call for empty jugs). The lids are removed and jugs are cut, leaving a hinge near the handle. Drainage holes are added at the bottom, soil and seeds are added, then jugs are taped back up, labeled with the plant type and date, and placed outside between January and April. The containers will be open to receive snow and rain and will produce hardy seedlings when it’s their natural time to sprout. We will plant mostly native, perennial flowering plants, with a few annuals that will bloom before school ends or still be blooming when we return in August.

The children will participate in the starting of seeds, and planting out of seedlings. They will learn about perennials vs. annuals, cold hardiness of different plants, and will be able to observe the growth cycles."

This project will provide resources for all classroom gardens. Ms Searcy will provide the teachers with a how-to video and will be available to help with planning, planting, and care over the summer.

$150 of donations went towards seeds, potting soil, building supplies.